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Decorate Your Newlywed Home With Wedding Photos

June 4, 2024

The planning journey for your wedding can take months, and sometimes years, yet the actual wedding day flies by. However, when you hire a skilled wedding photographer, you’ll have the treasures of your wedding captured so that you have a lasting memory of your special day.  Once the big day is over and you receive your full gallery of wedding photos, you might wonder what to do with them. These photos deserve more than a place on your phone or computer; they should be displayed and cherished in your home, creating a warm and personal atmosphere that celebrates your love story. Let’s dive into how you can decorate your newlywed home with wedding photos! 

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The Ashley Blair Photography Advantage:

As an Ashley Blair Photography couple, you have exclusive access to high-quality printing options directly through your online gallery, including prints, canvases, photo books, and albums. Unlike generic printing services from places like CVS, Walmart, or Costco, which often compromise on quality and color accuracy, my prints are crafted with the highest standards, giving you long-lasting images. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning canvas for your living room or a bespoke wedding album, I ensure that your photos maintain their beauty and integrity for years. 

The ease of creating beautiful decor from your wedding photos is one of the many advantages of choosing me as your wedding photographer. If you prefer to design a photo book or album, you can do that directly through the online gallery. However, if you’d rather me handle the entire design process for you, I would be happy to do so! Select your favorite photos, and I will create a gorgeous heirloom album you’ll cherish forever. Let me know if you are interested in an album for yourself or as a gift for your parents if your wedding package did not include one.

Why Decorate Your Home With Wedding Photos?

  1. Preserving Memories – Wedding photos remind you of one of your life’s happiest days. Photographs keep memories of the wedding day vivid by retaining the emotions, moments, and details.
  2. Enhancing Home Aesthetics – Framed wedding photos can enhance a room’s aesthetic appeal by artistically capturing wedding photos that can serve as stunning artwork for the home.
  3. Share With Others – You can share your special day with your friends and family when you have guests over to visit.
  4. Creative Expression – When you display wedding photos, you can showcase your style by creating displays with your spouse.
  5. Timeless Legacy – Wedding photos contribute to family history, becoming keepsakes that can be passed down to future generations. Printing your photos and keeping them online ensures their preservation for years to come.

Different Ways to Decorate Your Home With Wedding Photos:

  • Gallery Wall – This is the most common way people like to display photos, whether in the living room, hallway, or staircase, using frames of different sizes and styles. Instead of displaying all wedding photos in the gallery, you can combine them with other artwork. You have many options for a gallery wall, from choosing different picture frames to the layout.
  • Canvas Prints—A large print of your favorite wedding photo can make a statement in your bedroom or living room. You could also arrange multiple smaller canvases together.
  • Heirloom Album – Classic wedding albums filled with your favorite wedding photos are a wonderful addition to any coffee table. They’re a great way to showcase your photos without them always being on display in your home.
  • Photo Books – Photo books are smaller and not as high-quality as your wedding album, but they’re great ways to feature wedding photos. You could even make a separate photo book for each part of your big day. These photo books are great for end tables or bookshelves. 
  • Mantle and Shelves – Place framed photos on mantels or shelves throughout your home. Pair the frames with other decorative items like vases, candles, and memorabilia, and you’ll have the perfect look for displaying your wedding photos.
  • Seasonal Displays – You can incorporate wedding photos into holiday decorations, such as Christmas tree ornaments. You could also change your photo displays for each season so you always have a fresh look.
  • Office Space – With a different wedding photo for each month, you could create a custom photo calendar for your home office or workspace.
Decorating Your Newlywed Home

Subtle Ways to Include Wedding Photos in Your Decor:

Often, couples want to showcase their wedding photos but do not want them to fill their entire house or make them feel like the only decor. I understand, and there are ways that you can showcase the photos without them feeling too much!

  • Selective Placement – Choose one or two of your favorite photos to prominently display in key areas like the living room. Limit it to a small grouping or keep it to 1-2 framed photos on a shelf.
  • Integrated Art – If you love the look of a gallery wall, choose to print only black-and-white photos. There’s something classy about black-and-white images, and they’ll look great in any space. You could also choose photos of smaller moments from your wedding day, such as holding hands, a wide shot of you walking away together, or a picture of you laughing at each other during toasts.
  • Minimalist Frames – choose a minimalist photo frame that will blend seamlessly with your home decor. Large matting picture frames with ample space around photos are a great choice. 
  • Discrete Displays – An alternate way to print your photos could be to get a decorative photo box with a lid to place on a shelf. Print your favorite photos and place them inside the box so that when you want to look through photos, you can easily access the box without it taking up too much space.

Your wedding photos are more than just images; you cherish them as memories that you celebrate and display. From creating gallery walls and canvas prints to subtle, integrated decor, there are countless ways to infuse your home with the joy from your wedding day.

If you’re an Ashley Blair couple who has received your wedding gallery and is inspired to decorate your home with your photos, head over to your online gallery and start shopping! If you’d like me to design your wedding album, send me an email, and we can get that process started. Let’s transform your wedding memories into beautiful, tangible keepsakes that you and your family will cherish for years to come!

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